Great Dane Breed Standard

So you would like a Great Dane, but do you know what one should look like? Below you will find the blue print of the breed. When looking for a Dane the puppy and parents should match the below as closely as possible if you are to have a Great Dane to be pround of. There is no perfect dog but the closer to get to the below the closer the dog will resembel a truly magnificent GREAT DANE.

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General Appearance

The Great Dane combines dignity, strength and elegance with a powerful yet smoothly muscled body. Unique to other Giant Working breeds, it is so well balanced that it never appears clumsy. With head and neck carried high and tail in line with back or slightly upwards. Elegance and grace are essential.

Alert, powerful & majestic.
Spirited, friendly and dependable, never timid.

Size and proportion
The male should be more massive throughout than the bitch, with larger frame and heavier bone. In the ratio between length and height the Great Dane should be square. The male should be not less than 30” at the
shoulder, the female not less that 28” at the shoulder.

The head is rectangular, long, distinguished, expressive, finely chiselled, especially below the eyes. Seen from the side, the Dane’s forehead must be sharply set off from the bridge of the nose (a strongly pronounced stop). The plane of the skull and the plane of the muzzle must be straight and parallel to one another. The skull plane under and to the inner point of the eye must slope without any bony protuberance in a smooth line to a full square jaw with a deep muzzle, fluttering lips are not desirable. The masculinity of the male is very pronounced in structural appearance of the head. The bitch’s head is more delicately formed. Seen from the top, the skull should have parallel sides and the bridge of the nose should be as broad as possible. The cheek muscles should not be prominent. The length from the tip of the nose to the centre of the stop should be equal to the length from the centre of the stop to the rear of the slightly developed occiput. The head should be angular from all sides and should have flat planes with dimensions in proportion to the size of the Dane.

Of medium size, fairly deep set and dark.

High set of medium size, folded forward.

Strong, the incisors of the lower jaw very lightly touch the bottoms of the inner surface of the upper incisors (scissor bite).

Long, muscular, high set and well arched.

Muscular shoulders with a well sloped back. Elbows should be well under the body with perfectly straight forelegs.

Chest broad, deep and well muscled. The brisket extends to the elbow, with ribs well sprung. The body underline should be tightly muscled with a well defined tuck up.

Strong, broad, extremely muscular and well angulated, second thigh long and well developed with well let down hocks turning neither in nor out.

Chiselled, cat like feet turning neither in nor out.

Thick at root, tapering towards the end, reaching to or just below the hocks.

Gait /movement
The gait denotes strength and power with long, easy strides resulting in no rolling or bouncing of the topline.

Short, dense, clean and glossy.

Brindles: must be striped, ground colour from lightest buff to deepest orange, stripes always black, eyes and nails preferably dark, dark shadings on head and ears acceptable.

Fawns: colour varies from lightest buff to deepest orange, dark shadings on head and ears acceptable, eyes and nails preferably dark.

Blues: colour varies from light grey to deep slate, the nose and eyes may be blue.


a) Black is black.

In all above colours white is only permissible on chest and feet, but it is not desirable even there. Nose always black, except in blues and harlequins. Eyes and nails preferably dark.

b) Mantle: Black and white with a solid, black blanket extending over the body. Ideally - black skull with white muzzle, white blaze optional, whole white collar preferred, a white chest, white on part or whole of the forelegs and hindlegs, white tipped black tail. Nose always black, eyes and nails preferably dark

Harlequins: pure white underground with preferably all black patches or all blue patches, having appearance of being torn. Light nails permissible. In harlequins, wall eyes, pink noses, or butterfly noses permissible but not desirable.

Minimum height of an adult dog over eighteen months: 76 cms (30 ins); bitches: 71 cms (28 ins). Weight, minimum weight over eighteen months: dogs: 54 kgs (120 lbs); bitches: 46 kgs (100 lbs).

Danes under the minimum height, split nose, docked tail, any colour other than those mentioned above.

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